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Beginners Freeletics Workout - Aphrodite

October 27, 2014

Freeletics involves a series of short but very highly intensive workouts. It is one of the quickest ways to get in shape by burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. The Aphrodite workout is for beginners and is designed to be a shock to the system. If you are really doing the workout correctly then about half way through you'll want to go running on hot coals rather than continue. The idea of the workout is to have minimal rest between sets. On the first set of reps you do everything 50 times, the second time you do them 40 times, then 30 times, 20 times and on the fifth set you do them 10 times.  It is important to remember... Continue Reading →

Sports Training Ideas For The Winter Months

October 27, 2014

  We’re now in to October, the clocks have just gone back which means the nights are drawing in. Training at this time of the year is hard and keeping your fitness up can be a challenge, it is certainly no fun going out on a dark, cold, rainy night for a run after work. So what are the alternatives to stay in shape other than just going to the gym? 5-A-Side/Futsal The important thing about staying fit at this time of year is to do something enjoyable, and 5-a-side certainly fits the bill. For anyone who has ever played in a league before, they can tell you just how brutal a workout it really is. The games normally last... Continue Reading →