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     Dan Yeomans
    Role: Sponsored Machine 
    Twitter: DR_Yeomans


    Hey everyone I am Dan Yeomans and here is my first Biography. 
    I will keep this bio as short and sweet as I can as I know it'll be digging into your gym time!

    I am a fun loving, full time fitness nut from South Wales and my journey into becoming a Fitness Model has begun earlier than I thought. From around the age of 8-13 I was always involved in playing Rugby and Football until I discovered  cross country and athletics later on, I absolutely adored my sports. 

    For me there wasn't a better buzz than competing playing rugby at a district level and also representing the county numerous times at cross coutry and athletics, my entire life has always been aimed at being ultra fit, let's say a "Machine" level of fitness.

    Growing up I was always "that" kid which turned down playing games indoors to go do laps around the rugby pitch. Thinking back I was always a tad different to the other kids on the street. 
    My ultimate goal in life was always to be the best I could physically be. This frame of mind of being the best and pushing yourself to the absolute limit became a sort of drug.  
    I seriously couldn't imagine going to the gym and not leaving there absolutely ruined. 

    12months ago I had a career change from plumbing to pursue my ultimate passion, fitness. I went back to college and became a personal trainer. 
    From working in the environment and industry I have managed to get into the best shape of my life, land 3 photo shoots and compete in the first men's physique competition in Wales where I have finished in 2nd place and qualified for the British Championship. This for me is my new "Buzz" in life and being on that stage was unreal!!

    I earnt sponsorship from Machine Fitness from being a member of the Machine Army and I was hand picked from 100's of members to attend Machine Fitness's first photo-shoot. From there I was offered full sponsorship and full support from the team. Just before my first appearance on stage I managed to secure a protein and nutrition sponsorship from Cardiff Sports Nutrition.

    I am seriously grateful to be a part of this outstanding team and I seriously look forward to meeting some of the fans and support that comes with being a Machine Fitness Athlete at Bodypower 2014.  

    So that's me......

    As you all should know any questions, help or tips I am always here to offer a hand :) Take care and keep going Machine Mode! Future Machines your hard work will pay off. Be patient your time will come. My fitness career didn't kick off until I was 22.

    Dan Yeomans - Machine Fitness and Cardiff Sports Nutrition Athlete.  

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